Smoggy Days Alerts

Protect your health from oil & gas

Ozone smog is harmful to public health, and oil and gas production’s pollution contributes to its formation, sometimes many miles from where the production occurs.

Sign up for the Smoggy Days tool to learn when ozone pollution is high in your oil and gas-impacted region and easily tweet and contact regulators with that info.

This new tool simultaneously increases public awareness of the problem and makes it easy for users to increase pressure on regulators to do something about it.

Ozone Level Ozone Parts Per Billion (ppb) Who Needs to Be Concerned
Green (good) Less than 55 It’s a great day to be active outside.
Yellow (moderate) 55-70 Some people who may be unusually sensitive to ozone.
Orange (unhealthy for sensitive groups) 71-85 Sensitive groups include people with lung diseases such as asthma, older adults, children and teenagers, and people who are active outdoors.
Red (unhealthy) Greater than 85 Everyone

Air pollution from oil and gas facilities significantly increases ozone levels in many regions of the country, highlighted in the map below. See Smoggy days Methodology for details on how these counties were identified and how ozone levels are tracked.

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