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Are there standards that control methane emitted from existing oil and gas facilities (the facilities on the Threat Map)?

  • In California, no. But the state has proposed new standards that are currently undergoing public review.
  • At the federal level, no. But the Environmental Protection Agency is conducting an Information Collection Request that could lead to standards.

Are there standards that control methane emitted from new or modified oil and gas facilities emitting this pollution?

What can I do to better protect my community?

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The best way to make change is to make more people aware that there’s a problem that needs fixing.

Call the White House at 202-456-1111!

Tell the Trump Administration that:

  • We need to protect public health and the climate by cutting oil and gas air pollution ASAP; and
  • Pulling out of the Paris Climate Agreement sends exactly the wrong message to the 12.5 million Americans living within 1/2 mile of oil and gas facilities in the United States.

Only if you can’t get through via phone, send your message via the White House contact form.

For more information about efforts to protect the public, visit:


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FLIR video SoCalGas Aliso Canyon, CA 1min
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FLIR video Chevron Cahn Plant Lost Hills CA 10-15-15
FLIR video Occidental Storage Facility Taft, CA


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