Infrared Video

The Oil & Gas Threat Map includes more than 300 infrared videos that make visible oil and gas air pollution that is normally invisible. These videos were all recorded since 2014 with Earthworks’ FLIR (Forward Looking InfraRed) Gas Finder 320 cameras by ITC-certified thermographers.

The FLIR GF320

The FLIR GF320 is the industry standard optical gas imaging camera for detecting volatile organic compounds (VOCs), including methane. It is used by state and federal regulators and the oil and gas industry, to identify emissions that occur during routine oil and gas operations, or that are occurring because of faulty equipment, accidents, and intentional releases by operators.

FLIR Cameras make visible 20 normally invisible VOCs, including benzene and methane.


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FLIR video SoCalGas Aliso Canyon, CA 1min
FLIR video Pipeline Vent, Epping, ND
FLIR video Lybrook H26 Sandoval County, NM
FLIR video Bluestone Flare, Butler County, PA