Call the EPA and BLM

The Obama administration enacted safeguards requiring the oil and gas industry to cut methane  climate pollution. Along with methane, these standards cut smog-forming air pollutants, and associated toxics like benzene — a carcinogen.

The Trump administration is working to kill these important safeguards which would allow oil & gas companies to pollute without limit, and threaten the health for the more than 12 million Americans living near oil and gas production.

The Trump administration needs to hear from you that we need to keep these common sense protections for communities and climate.


  1. Enter your information in the form on the right, then click make the call!
  2. You will receive a call connecting you to the Environmental Protection Agency or the Department of Interior’s Bureau of Land Management
  3. Answer the phone and wait a few seconds (about 4 seconds) for the recording to prompt you
  4. Use the script below to make your voice heard! Either read the script as is, or personalize it.


“I’m calling to ask you to protect our children’s health by keeping important methane safeguards in place. Air pollution from the oil and gas industry impacts over 12 million people in this country, including 3 million children. Protections that require the industry to reduce methane pollution are cost effective and common sense. Our health, as well as the our planet’s climate, deserves to be protected from dangerous air pollution.”